Proactive Crisis Management Group is a leading international provider of crisis response and communications, social media crisis management, and business continuity services. We are dedicated to helping organizations protect their people, performance, and reputation from the impact of major disruptions.

Our global team is made up of senior professionals with unparalleled experience in media, law enforcement, government, law, and business. We have been involved in virtually every type of crisis situation, including high-profile data breaches, environmental disasters, product recalls, federal investigations, investigative media reports, and board disputes.

Our emphasis on maintaining a proactive organizational mindset and developing rapid response capabilities reflects a core tenet of our organization: promoting a culture of preparedness. To achieve this, our strategies, training solutions, simulation exercises, and technologies are designed to help businesses prevent internal and external threats, mitigate risk, and enhance leadership and staff performance.

With experience handling some of the most visible crises of our time, our goal is to help clients expertly navigate the uncertainties implicit within today’s accelerated business environment.