When a crisis breaks, every staff member in your company becomes a Public Relations spokesperson, functioning as the voice and face of your company. They will be placed in a position of having to respond to informational requests from customers, suppliers, prospects, and stakeholders. If key messaging concepts are not aligned and distributed across the entire organization in time, then the likelihood of reputational damage increases significantly.

Proactive Crisis Management Group can help you prepare for these moments. Our team will evaluate your current communications protocols and capabilities, and provide comprehensive strategic/tactical training to prepare your key staff to handle media issues in the most effective manner possible. We will ensure that your organization is set up for success to respond to all relevant media channels to proactively feed a constant stream of content to protect your reputation and brand.

We provide the following solutions:

  • Crisis message preparation
  • Strategic communications and documents audit
  • Operational communications vulnerabilities audit
  • Executive communications vulnerabilities audit
  • Executive media exposure training
  • Staff media exposure training