Your reputation is a critical business asset. It can take years to build, but only minutes to collapse. Should a threat or crisis emerge, your business needs the capability to respond with the right resources and strategies several steps ahead of the fallout impact.


In today’s rapidly moving social, regulatory, and digital media environment, in-house organizational approaches to crisis management tend to be reactively slow and inefficient.

When bad news strikes, many organizations often respond too late, missing the critical window of opportunity to eliminate or minimize fallout stemming from a negative event. This type of reaction will not work in today’s digital era of 24/7 engagement, rapid communications, and global transparency. What’s required is a culture of preparedness.


Strategic readiness entails an accelerated and multi-faceted ability to anticipate, identify, and diffuse issues threatening your business reputation. Strategic and tactical preparedness combined with rapid-response capabilities are critical requirements for managing reputational risk in today’s world.


Around the globe, Proactive Crisis Management Group helps its clients anticipate, prepare for, and manage issues affecting their reputation. We provide the strategic counsel and expertise to ensure that our clients respond in a timely, appropriate, and confident manner to achieve the best possible outcome.

Our core expertise in social media communications and proactive response ensures that clients successfully manage crises across all global fronts in the digital age.

  • Proven expertise in problem solving
  • Recognizing when a crisis is imminent, even when others don’t see it coming
  • Anticipating challenges before they reach the tipping point


Rapid Response – Immediately assess, recommend and act to contain

Global Law Enforcement Network and Credibility – Opening doors many cannot

Predictive Analysis – Forecasting and preventing before a crisis occurs

Our rapid response capabilities are designed to assist in crisis containment and recovery on a global scale, 24/7 and 365 days a year. Should a crisis require cooperation between regulatory, governmental or law enforcement agencies, our network of local and global agencies and investigators can open doors to liaise where most others cannot. As part of our responsive solutions, we place a strong emphasis on proactive crisis prevention through the use of predictive analytics technologies, simulation exercises, and crisis training.

Developing a culture of preparedness is at the heart of our organizational mission.

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